Landwer was and remains a family. For those of you who are passionate about the world of hospitality, healthy food, wellness and quality coffee, being a part of our family means a way in to these worlds. 

Employees who are accepted into the family receive real tools that help them grow within Landwer network. Entreprenurial employees, who are willing to invest extra effort are promoted along a variety of professional paths.

Even if you are just a beginner, you are encouraged to learn, grow and show your devotion in order to get promoted in the future. We invest in each end every employee: baristas, cooks, shift leaders & general managers.

A career in Landwer is not just the present but also the future, and is linked to a chain with a rich history, tradition and reputation. Accordingly, each and every employee represents Landwer’s high standards of excellent service and quality raw materials that make up every plate and every cup. And in the same way, the Landwer chain has an obligation toward all their employees’ needs. Our mission is to identify & work with our entrepreneurial employees in order to pave a path for career development to one day become business owners themselves. We have track record of employees that started as a in entry level positions such are barista who today they have their own Landwer Franchise store.

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