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Cafe Landwer is both a specialty coffee shop and a full service casual dining restaurant serving fresh, innovative dishes in a modern vintage atmosphere. With nearly 100 years of brand heritage, Cafe Landwer is a destination for top-notch coffee drinks, freshly squeezed juices and healthy shakes. We offer a rich breakfast, lunch and dinner menu that includes fantastic dessert items, a wide array of vegan and gluten-free items, and a fun kids menu that children love.

Our menu is moderately priced and influenced by Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, and we adhere to the highest standards of fresh, quality ingredients

Our guests see Cafe Landwer differently at different times of the day. Although we are in the casual dining category, our morning guests see us as a coffee shop and are happy to meet a friend for a coffee or come with their laptops to work or study. Our brunch and lunch crowd is frequented by those looking to enjoy their meal with family and friends. Many of our dinner guests make reservations and come to enjoy our full dining experience. The late nighters visit mostly for coffee, desserts and cocktails.

Why Cafe Landwer?

Cafe Landwer offers a great opportunity to start your own success story. We currently have over 70 locations worldwide. Over 65 of them are franchised.

Cafe Landwer is a unique concept. The combination of the sophisticated coffee bar, Mediterranean kitchen and modern vintage decor is our competitive advantage. Other establishments have some of those qualities, but having the combination of all is what makes Cafe Landwer so special.

Cafe Landwer’s coffee is rooted in traditions across our nearly 100 years of history. From sourcing and roasting our own beans to delivering a wide variety of innovative coffee drinks, our coffee is a key tenant of what makes Cafe Landwer special. Our latest partnership is with Gianni Nora, a renowned Italian expert in espresso-based drinks, to design our current blend. The result is a well-balanced flavour, containing the perfect crème, fruity notes, cacao and a touch of dark chocolate. A truly authentic Italian blend. Our beans come from all over the world and contain 70% Arabica beans and 30% Robusta. We are very proud of this blend and it has won Cafe Landwer many loyal customers. But the perfect blend is only the beginning. The quality and freshness of the beans, the quality of the espresso machine and the grinders, and the expertise of the baristas who are extensively trained to ensure they consistently deliver the best quality coffee together make the perfect cup.
Inspired by Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, our kitchen uses only the highest quality and freshest ingredients. We consistently and continuously collaborate with top chefs and other experts to create a diverse, fun and presentable menu to maximize our guests’ enjoyment. Our diverse breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert menu accommodates a variety of palettes, and includes many options for those that are vegan or gluten free. Our kid’s menu is a cherished favourite of parents and children alike. At Cafe Landwer, the presentation of our dishes is paramount. All of our dishes are served with unique touches and plating design that adds to the dining experience.
Each Cafe Landwer location is designed to match our cutting edge “modern vintage” aesthetic. Every store has unique elements, but shares the same DNA with our custom designs. Each store is designed with great attention to detail and materials to please the eye. From 3 dimensional concrete floors, acoustic wooden ceilings, combinations of tile, glass and metal work, neon signs, vintage carpentry, custom built light fixtures, and colourful furniture, our design concept is unique and gives a sense of home in every store.
We provide our owner/operators the location, the tools, the training and the support necessary to get their stores to prosper. Their success is our success, and vice-versa. We believe in a long lasting relationship with our Owner/Operators, Suppliers and Employees. Cafe Landwer works closely with our suppliers to ensure our restaurants are provided the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Our experience enables us to face challenges head-on, and as we expand, it helps us serve both our franchisees and our guests to the highest level.
Through intensive, hands-on training programs, Cafe Landwer shows each Owner/Operator how to run a successful business and build a bright future. Our extensive training program is 6 months long for the Owner/ Operator and 2 months long for the kitchen manager.
In order to ensure the standards of Cafe Landwer are maintained, we carefully select our new franchisees. We don’t require prior experience in business management, however, we request that you fulfill the following criteria:
  • Affiliation to the product spirit
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Love of service
  • Diligence, perseverance
  • Integrity and reliability
  • Passion for success and lots of motivation
  • Financial stability

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