Kitchen Manager

The opening of Cafe Landwer Yorkdale is coming early this fall and we are seeking the best and brightest culinary minds to join our team of proven pros.

We believe our success is driven by working alongside leaders who are continually growing and driven to push themselves, their team and our business forward.

If you are inspire to truly great culinary career, this is your opportunity to work for a team of professional chefs.

our goal is to foster a work experience that provides our chefs & managers with:

  • Pride in their role and the company they work for & professional respect from all stakeholders
  • Ongoing learning and career development with a clear path for growth
  • An independent atmosphere that welcomes everyone’s ideas & initiatives
  • Competitive remuneration ( including benefits & earned bonuses)
  • Meaningful relationships and mentorship
  • possibilities for personal & professional growth

. …all while having a good time!

If you…

  • know that ‘real’ people work nights & weekends,
  • believe that successful people don’t know more, they do more,
  • feel the restaurant operates at it’s best when you’re there,
  • take the bull by the horns,
  • work hard to succeed hard,
  • aspire to achieve greatness in your career,

…success is here for you to work towards.

About the kitchen manager role:

  • full time, salaried culinary management position, leading full kitchen operations reporting
  • directly to the restaurant General manager
  • Responsible to manage daily kitchen and culinary plan execution with excellence
  • Train, mentor and develop the skill and career of the assistant kitchen manager
  • oversee the scheduling, hiring, and training of all culinary team with the support of assistant kitchen managers
  • Demonstrate strong leadership through effective communication and management of line operation during service periods
  • monitor daily kitchen cleanliness attacking any repair & maintenance concerns with regency
  • Manage full culinary program including prep, weekly inventory, ordering and ensuring there is never shortage of product
  • Facilitate ongoing training and education of menu items and program elements to both culinary and hospitality staff

Salary: $60,000-$70,000/ year

Additional Pay: Tips

Benefits: Health Benefits