Our Team


Nir Caspi

Co-Founder and CEO

After serving in the Israeli special forces, Nir Caspi was seeking his next adventure. In 2004, he and his two partners opened the first Café Landwer in Tel Aviv and have since opened 80 locations across Israel. Café Landwer is a coffee brand that originated in Berlin, Germany back in 1919. “Our idea was to revive a brand that has such a great heritage and legacy”.

In 2018, Nir decided to move to the United States with a new mission: to develop and expand the Café Landwer brand in the North American Market. “My inspiration is to see people from different backgrounds and cultures come together around our food and experience. My goal is to create these experiences and unity all over the US and North America.”

Nir lives with his wife and four children in Newton, Massachusetts. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family and train for triathlons.


Omer Barel

Operations Manager

Omer Barel was born and raised Ra’anana, Israel and brings over 10 years of experience spanning various industries. With a background in systems information, Omer worked in the IT department of a hospital, which fueled his passion for health and fitness. He was also a disciplined cross-fit trainer with certifications in both anatomy and nutrition.

Omer has worked in the food and beverage industry for over a decade as a barista, bartender, manager and events promoter. As a frequent patron of one of Israel’s Café Landwer locations, he built a close relationship with one of the café’s partners. Omer was presented with an opportunity to join Café Landwer’s USA team as a café manager in July 2018. Thanks to his strong organizational skills and discipline, Omer was soon promoted to General Manager and is now the Operations Manager, leading the management team and day-to-day business operations.

Omer continues to trains with local cross-fit communities, & likes to enjoys outdoor exercise activities & making friends with locals.


Adelina Keshishian

Creative Marketing Director

Born and raised in the Greater Boston neighborhood of Malden, Adelina has always had a passion for the creative arts, sustainability, and hospitality. Adelina holds an A.S. in Business Administration from Bunker Hill Community College and B.S. in Management and minor in marketing from Bentley University, and has over 15 years of combined customer service, project management, and hospitality experience.

Adelina was the Café Landwer’s first stateside employee, working as a barista at the flagship location which opened in January of 2018. She immediately fell in love with the brand and quickly grew within the company. From implementing numerous marketing initiatives to overseeing employee development, Adelina is responsible for various facets of both Boston area cafés.  Adelina is very excited to grow with Café Landwer as the brand expands and evolves within the North American Market.

In her spare time, Adelina enjoys spending time with her family & traveling.


Yaniv Shamir

Multi Unit General Manager

Growing up in Kefar Saba, a small city just outside Tel-Aviv, Yaniv was familiar with the Café Landwer brand. He joined the company as a server in 2015 and went on to work at various locations in Israel. His passion for hospitality shined through and Yaniv quickly transitioned into a General Manager position. After three and a half years with the company, he moved to the US in July of 2019 to bring his expertise to Café Landwer’s North American posts.

Yaniv now leads both Boston area teams as General Manager. He genuinely enjoys blending American and Mediterranean hospitality industry standards in order to create a unique experience for his employees and guests.

In his spare time, Yaniv enjoys running, spending time with friends, and keeping up with current events from back home.


Niv Shavit

Executive Chef

Niv grew up in a small city called Kefar Saba in Israel. His fondest memory of food was the tradition of Shabbat dinner that his mother prepared every Friday. He remembers the excitement he felt when he would come home from school to the smell of his mother’s cooking. These young experiences resulted in Niv building a very personal connection to food. Fast forward 16 years later, Niv expanded his love for food as he began his journey in the food industry. He joined Café Landwer in 2016, training alongside the café’s executive chefs to become a cook at a new location. As he says, “It was love at first sight”.

The training and experience Niv gained being part of the team inspired him. He witnessed first-hand how the food he created was not only bringing joy to guests, but how the culture of the food was connecting the team and guests alike, bringing to life the Landwer Experience.

When given the opportunity to open a branch in the States, Niv did not hesitate. As Executive Chef, he is proud that he gets to shape and introduce the Mediterranean food culture to the United States.

On his days off Niv like to spend time with friends & exercise.


Mor Abadi


Growing up in a small town called Elishema in Israel, Mor grew up around the traditional smells and flavors from his mother’s kitchen. He grew up watching her techniques and learning her recipes. From a young age, he noticed that his mother’s home cooked meals would always bring his family together around the table.

This is something that left a big impression on him; so much so, that at a young age, Mor began cooking for his little sister. In 2017, he started to work for Café Landwer as a cook and within a year was transferred to the Cleveland Circle branch in the US to lead the kitchen team.

On his days off Mor enjoy’s exercising & hanging out with friends.